I am a Clinical and Developmental Psychologist/Psychotherapist. I provide psychotherapy and counsel individuals and couples who contact me from diverse cultures and nationalities.

Apart from my private practice, I also worked as a counsellor at the British School of Brussels, Tervuren Belgium, providing psychotherapy to children, parents and staff.

Furthermore, I provided psychotherapy at a doctor's practice in Tervuren, Belgium.

I hold a PhD from the University of Leuven Belgium, and a Master of Arts from the University of Delhi India. I have published articles in specialised international journals.

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I am a registered member of the:
1. Belgian Association of Psychologists (BFP),
2. Belgian Association of Psychological Sciences (BAPS),
3. Flemish Association of Clinical Psychologists (VVKP),
4. Flemish Association of Behaviour Therapists (VVGT), &

5. Association for Contextual Behavioural Science (ACBS).